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Capehart Dental Blog

4 Ways to Make Toothbrushing Fun for Your Child

February 7, 2020

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Smiling little girl in pigtails brushing her teeth

Teaching your child great oral hygiene when they’re young is a habit that can benefit them for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, convincing your little one to regularly brush and floss can be about as fun as pulling teeth if they see it as a chore. To keep those teeth healthy and in place, you need to find a way to keep your child engaged with their oral health. Here are 4 easy tips from your family dentist in Lewisville that can help get your little one excited about taking care of their smile.


How to Avoid Needing a Root Canal

January 31, 2020

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root canal

You’ve heard all the scary rumors about root canals: that they’re painful, that they can result in other kinds of sickness. Although there is no truth to these rumors, you probably still want to avoid root canal treatment in Lewisville as much as possible, given that it’s a fairly expensive and time-consuming procedure. So, how can you avoid the need for a root canal? Read this guide to find out.


Here’s How To Enjoy Sparkling Water Without Harming Your Teeth

January 28, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — drcapehart @ 4:05 pm
glass of sparkling water

Do you love the feeling of carbonated bubbles popping on your tongue but are conscious about the amount of sugar in soda? You may turn to sparkling water as your go-to refreshing flavored beverage because it’s healthier than other alternatives. However, the carbonation can still impact your tooth enamel and overall oral health. Fortunately, your dentist in Lewisville has some tricks to reduce the damage that sparkling water has on your mouth, allowing you to enjoy it without sacrificing the health of your teeth.


Before & After Your Dental Implant Procedure

December 23, 2019

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model of dental implantIf you’ve lost one or more teeth, dental implants in Lewisville allow you to rebuild your smile using a solution that can last for a lifetime. As the only prosthetic to replicate the entire tooth structure, you will need oral surgery to insert a titanium post into your jawbone. There’s no need to worry. Here’s what you can expect before and after your placement surgery.


5 Signs of a Dental Emergency

December 13, 2019

Filed under: Uncategorized — drcapehart @ 1:40 am

dental emergencyIf you’re like most people, you probably don’t expect a dental emergency to happen to you, but they occur more often than you might believe. In fact, 1 in 6 Americans has one annually. If the unexpected strikes, do you know what to do? Probably not. You might not even know what situations require immediate care. With time of the utmost importance, here are 5 signs you need to call your emergency dentist in Lewisville right away.


This Is How Nitrous Oxide Sedation Affects Your Brain

November 7, 2019

Filed under: Uncategorized — drcapehart @ 6:46 pm
man receiving nitrous oxide sedation

In movies and on TV, whenever a patient gets a dose of laughing gas, they immediately break out in a fit of giggles. They appear to be having the time of their lives, even as they’re getting extensive dental work done. Is this how laughing gas actually works? A sedation dentist in Lewisville is here to talk more about laughing gas, or its more official name, nitrous oxide.


3 Benefits You’ll Notice When Practicing Good Oral Hygiene

October 10, 2019

Filed under: Uncategorized — drcapehart @ 5:16 pm
a woman smiling while sitting in the dentist’s chair

Do you regularly brush and floss your teeth? What about rinsing? Do you maintain a well-balanced diet? It’s likely you might say both “yes” and “no” to some of these, but what is important is that you start making strides to improve your oral health. Why? Since October is National Dental Hygiene Month, there’s no better time to begin working towards healthier teeth and gums, especially if you want to avoid spending your money on dental work that can be prevented in the first place! Apart from the money you’ll save, it’s time to consider these 3 additional benefits to maintaining a healthy mouth that should have you making an immediate change.


What Do I Do If I Lost a Permanent Tooth?

September 9, 2019

Filed under: Uncategorized — Tags: , — drcapehart @ 9:03 pm

man missing a toothDamaging a permanent tooth is not a laughing matter. Although your teeth are meant to last for a lifetime, 120 million Americans are missing at least one tooth. Besides decay and infection, you might lose an adult tooth from extraction or injury. If it was lost from a fall or blow to the face, time is of the utmost importance. Contrary to what you may have heard, sometimes a knocked-out tooth can be saved if you act fast. You need to take quick action at home and call your emergency dentist right away.


Want a Straighter Smile? What to Expect While Living with Invisalign

August 5, 2019

Filed under: Uncategorized — drcapehart @ 6:12 pm
an Invisalign aligner in a person’s mouth

Invisalign in Lewisville offers patients a clear alternative to traditional metal braces. These clear aligners make it possible to not only achieve a straighter smile, but you can do it in a way that eliminates an unnecessary spotlight on your treatment. Whether you’re preparing to begin your journey with this truly unique solution or you’re still considering your options, find out what you can expect while living with Invisalign.


Looking for a Cosmetic Dentist? Ask These 5 Questions First

July 18, 2019

Filed under: Uncategorized — drcapehart @ 7:26 pm
woman white smile

Are you unsatisfied with the way your teeth look? Cosmetic dentistry can help take your smile from blah to beautiful. All it takes is the right dentist, which means you have to choose wisely. You’ll be entering a partnership that can last for multiple procedures while you build your dream smile together. Sometimes the relationship continues for years, so you’ll have to be sure that the two of you are compatible! Here are 5 questions to ask before you choose a cosmetic dentist in Lewisville.

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